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Blazing Hoops released !

2010-07-24 19:42:02 by Sajyd

I'm writting here to tell you that my new game Blazing Hoops is realeased. It's a very funny and addictive game where you have to make the maximum number of hoops and try to be in the leaderboard. Of course, you have a bonus : the Alley-Hoop when you shot succefuly 5 times. Also if you make 10 hoops in a row, the ball flame up and you'll be able to increase score multiplier ! The game is now available with newgrounds medals.

Let's play it on Newgrounds here !

Blazing Hoops released !


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2010-08-05 17:23:43

I got all the medals for it. ;)


2011-06-15 22:08:42

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